Web Server Admin


Protect your website with best web server administration services!

Whether you’re just starting out and want to hop on to one of our optimized web servers, you require an even more specialized environment on your own or one of our dedicated servers, or you decide to go all the way with 100% fully redundant cloud services (such as Amazon’s Route 53, CloudFront service, and RDS multi-zone server cluster), we can help you achieve your goals in a very cost-effective manner. We can help you get the best server-based software solutions to bring your online business into the forefront of technology.

We can help you with the day to day tasks of keeping your server running perfectly. Our expert white hat server administrators can also manage all of your information security needs to protect you from malicious attacks keeping your online business and your clients’ information safe.

A sound and strong web-server is very essential for any website domain to function properly. With the complexity of online business mounting high, it has become imperative to track the functional status of the hosting server on which your domain rests. Thus, critical administration of your web-servers needs to be executed by experts to make sure your business doesn’t get affected. If you hail from Montreal and Ottawa and wish to avail web server administration services for your website, EnvivoDigital Team can help you with the best server-based software solutions.

We are a 15-year-old online marketing and SEO Company based in Canada, with the branch offices in Montreal & Ottawa and are skilled in the genre of monitoring your web server from start to end. The technical experts with us are trained to handle all sorts of cloud services and hosting servers. Whether you want to get a rundown of analytics of your site or you wish to upgrade to an optimized cloud server like – CloudFront, Amazon’s Route 53 or any other, then we can be a great support. Read below for what all we can offer –

  • Prompt monitoring of your web server for smooth functioning
  • Analysis of the log files of your web server with proper rotation and distributed storage
  • Check on the smooth running of the active programs on the server such as – PHP, SQL, JSP, Databases and the like.
  • Heightened security for your web server against spam, hackers, and zombie like patches on your websites.
  • The technical team will check for the occurrence of any bugs or viruses and repair them for avoiding malfunctioning
  • The USP of our team is that you get optimized and upgraded cloud services.

You get error less solutions forweb server administration in Montreal and Ottawa with Envivodigital at affordable rates. Our services will surely put your business on the forefront of the high-tech world. Call for a free consultation!