Sales Automation


Build a strong customer relationship management with a meticulous sales automation system.

In order for your business to succeed, you need to make sales. It sounds simple enough, but very often sales don’t happen right away. Follow-up is essential in order to close the deal, and it’s very easy for potential sales to slip through the cracks because somebody doesn’t follow a lead or forgets to call a customer back. This is just one of the many issues that can be solved by a sales automation system.

Every business’s ultimate goal is to excel and increase its turnover. If a business needs great sales for better ROI then it is important to keep track of the existing and new customers simultaneously. Proper follow-up and communication with potential customers is a must to maintain substantial amount of sales. Due to this reason,various businesses in Canada are switching to sales automation systems to effectively execute the cumbersome manual process of customer relationship management, database management, contact management, inventory monitoring and more. If you wish to implement sales automation for your business in Montreal and Ottawa then, take a HALT right here!

Allow us to introduce you to EnvivoDigital. Our online agency will assist you from the start to end, offering fully automated sales management solutions for improvise your internal CRM systems. We are experts in serving clients all over Canada for past 15 years and possess a strong base of loyal customers who will vouch for our high quality services. As a part of our solutions forsales automation in Montreal and Ottawa, we provide clients with a host of benefits including–

  1. The service of sales automation will give you proper management of all your in-house sales and CRM activities in an organized manner.
  2. We implement the systems successfully so that your sales representatives don’t face any issues while switching over to our improved CRM tools and systems
  3. A good sales automation system developed by our team will reduce turnaround times on client queries as the documents like invoices, terms & conditions, specifications of product and the like will be integrated in one system.
  4. A fully integrated system set up by our team will give you access to track business leads behavior such as how many times your website was clicked, for how long the visitor was on your page, opening rate of your mailers and more. This will help you devise improved strategies to hit your next sales pitch.
  5. Last but not the least, this fantastic tool of sales automation will make your sales process accurate and help in the speedy yielding of great results.

If the above mentioned points are adequate to satisfy all your queries then let’s catch up for a conversation!  Hire EnvivoDigital for the best systems for sales automation in Montreal and Ottawa.