Improve your conversions radically & get more returning customers with remarketing!

Remarketing is a form of interest-based advertising. The simplest explanation is that we serve your display ads to people who have visited your site. They have already shown interest, so they are the best audience for your ad.

Deciding which ad gets served to whom, is where things get interesting. You can choose to serve an ad to everyone who has visited your site or you can serve ads based on a product page they visited – you can basically target any audience based on URLs.

A customer comes to a shop, make inquiries about a product to purchase but steps out without buying it. Maybe he/she needs more time to mull over the purchase or he/she wishes to compare your products with others in the market. Whatever the case may be, you cannot deny that there is a fair chance that the person will purchase the same product sooner or later AND reminding them of your brand and products might be the push needed to complete the sale. The same principle applies to your website. Remarketing is a format of providing follow-up marketing material to those visitors who have already shown interest in your business. And for the most effective solutions for remarketing in Montreal and Ottawa, EnvivoDigital is the best name to trust for taking things forward.

We, at Envivodigtial, have a specialized team that understands the dynamics of remarketing and can come up with effective solutions for follow-up promotions with your website visitors without being too pushy/ persistent. We are a 15-year-old online marketing and SEO company,serving clients all over Canada. We offer affordable and steadfast remarketing solutions to clients so that they can get maximum returning customers visiting their website. Here, we serve targeted display ads to the audience that has visited your website recently. This tool works in connection with the cookies of your computer and permits you to follow and reach out to targeted customers who are visiting your website, thereby capitalizing on the interest they have exhibited in your business. Have a look at some of the benefits of remarketing –

  • Great conversion rates
  • Accurate targeting
  • Abridged cost per impression
  • Better ROI
  • Better audience constancy

Remarketing in Montreal and Ottawa will provide you with an effective way to ensure that you convert every single visitor that makes it to your website. If you have something good to offer, remarketing will become the tool to convince clients into buying it from you. Get in touch with EnvivoDigitaltodayif you wish to avail remarketing for your brand/business.