REACH is a term with many different meanings and associations. At Envivo digital , it is the cornerstone of our business practice. When it comes to internet marketing, reach is one of the most important words. It refers to how many people are exposed to your message- be it via an ad, a social media campaign, or any other format your company is using to engage its market. The success of any marketing initiative is directly linked to the reach and frequency of the intended message. Because we are a versatile online marketing company, we can help you reach your audience through many different types of media: email, text ads, rich content, real content, banner ads, video, images, and more. This list is always growing as we are at the forefront of different technologies. Global Marketing Reach With so many new ways to connect, our world gets smaller every day. The good news is the smaller the world gets, the larger the number of your potential clients. With all our services available in English, French, and Spanish, we can develop a strategy to expand your reach beyond geographical borders. The global audience is growing at a fast rate. A third of the world population already has internet access, and according to the UN Broadband Commission, this is set to rise to 40% by 2016. In order to gain a greater share of this exposure explosion, your company needs to engage in multilingual, multi-ethnic marketing. Having a multilingual website is a great starting point. We can help you develop a marketing strategy that is effective and adapted to different audiences. It’s a small world, but it’s a huge market. Get your piece of it — go global! Global Payment Solutions Small, medium, or multinational, regardless of the size of your business, setting up to operate and bill in different countries can seem like a daunting task. This is where we come in. Our global team is experienced and knowledgeable in international finance, banking, payment gateways, fraud prevention, and compliance. We have set up payment gateways in many countries and can help find the most appropriate solution for your site, but we also do much more. Cross-institution payment strategies, corporate cash management, small-business payments services, interbank payments- you name it, we do it. We offer more than just financial solutions, we help you localise your online business.