Reputation Management


Let your brand hit the right notes with online reputation management

Negative search results can have a direct impact on your company’s revenue. Potential customers are rarely able to distinguish if a bad review is real or not, or  when a complaint is exaggerated. Negative comments, whether or not they are warranted, can turn somebody off before you even have a chance to offer your products or services. It is up to you to be aware of what is being said online about your brand. Although you cannot control the chatter, you can jump in on the conversation to manage and protect your reputation with customer service, follow-up, and public relations. We will set up systems to monitor mention of your company, and advise as to a plan of action when necessary.


The world of internet is dynamic and ever-changing. The social media has provided great power into the hands of customers to daringly convey their opinions and thus, it becomes quite imperative for stakeholders to be cautious and proactive while posting things on the web. While doing business online you should know how users are reacting to your brands or products. Is your business perception matching with the customers? Are they finding your brand appealing enough to buy your product? These questions need detailed attention because, if the online reputation of your business is marred by any means, then it will take its own time to gain momentum. In fact, the repercussions of any negative comment about your brand will only send your online reputation towards a downward spiral, unless you take the necessary steps to save things. You would certainly not want anything to affect your business online. This is where EnvivoDigital’s service of online reputation management in Montreal and Ottawa will provide you with the necessary way out of the mess!


What is online reputation management?
Online reputation management is an innovative strategy used to ensure a positive brand reputation over the web. The practice needs regular participation and continuous monitoring making certain that the correct perception of the business stays with the customers, evading any negative narrations/comments hovering on web. The internet offers numerous ways for customers to interact with and talk about your business such as – social media platforms, articles, blogs, review forums and the like. Tracking the negative reviews (if any) from all these sources will be a mammoth task for you. Therefore, hiring EnvivoDigital’s online reputation management service in Montreal and Ottawa will be beneficial. We will strategize solutions for you which will have a huge positive impact on your business’ standing on the web, eventually bettering your future prospects and brand recognition.


What EnvivoDigital can offer?
We offer online reputation managementservices for individuals and for businesses. We have a pool of digital professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of online marketing, SEO, PPC, content creation, conversion optimization, web-design and much more. We are based out in Canada for the past 15 years serving businesses in Montreal and Ottawa too.  Our team rigorously monitors all the sources for customer feedback and works to convert them into a better perception in front of your consumers. The team will manage all online reviews (good or bad) and work hard for maintaining your brand’s image.

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