Launches & Redesigns


Don’t mess with skewed launches and redesign of your website! Hire Professionals!

If you are about to launch a site, are considering a soft launch to roll out new features, or want to completely redesign your current site, there are many different factors to take into account. For a new site, you will have to consider ways to drive traffic even before the launch. This affects everything from the design and content (solid architecture, SEO-friendly), to the marketing initiatives (perhaps starting off with a pay-per-click campaign as an initial strategy to get traffic to your site). If it’s a site redesign,  you need to examine other issues, like how your search rankings will be affected by the changes you want to make. Because we are a full-service agency, we offer the whole package. From all of the back-end technical tweaks to the beautiful visuals up front, we handle everything to make sure the launch or transition goes as smoothly as possible.

Whether you are looking for specialized solutions to launch your much awaited business website or you want to redesign it completely with improvised features, considering a comprehensive solution provider is primarily important to ensure proper execution of the task. We at EnvivoDigital offer the complete package to manage the front and back-end needs of your website launch and redesign process. We are a technical team of experts who work hard to build a solid foundation for your website. Multilingual website development is our USP, where-in you don’t have to worry for language barriers on the web. Whether it is launching of a website or redesigning, you get end-to-end solutions catering all your needs. Take a tour of our services and exclusive solutions for website launch and redesign in Montreal and Ottawa.

Launching a website OR redesigning to give it a total new look is a daunting task. That’s where we come in. Every website, before being unveiled, has to attain certain parameters to ensure a hassle free and successful launch on the web. Our team works on crucial points so that there are no errors and blunders in the process. To manage it all effectively, we undertake the following activities:

Launch of website

  • Clearing the junk
  • Initiating proper pay-per-click campaign
  • Making it web-responsive
  • Putting it on mobile-friendly mode
  • SEO friendly
  • Robust architecture and design
  • Ensuring a good web-server
  • Full audit of the domain
  • Soft launch with rolling new features

Redesign of a website

  • Set up a new GA account if needed
  • Restructuring the whole website in terms of – password, dev/staging, noindex,nofollow, robots.txt and more
  • Re-doing of URL’s if needed from dynamic to static
  • New content creation
  • Proper redirection of dead pages
  • Accurate 301 re-direction to get exact traffic on GA
  • Ensuring that changes do not adversely affect the existing ranking

When you work with us, rest assured you get high-class services and solutions to augment your online business and sales. Call EnvivoDigital now for the best solutions for website launch and redesign in Montreal and Ottawa! We would love to serve you!