Website Usability


Website usability a massive factor for creating a user-friendly website.

Navigation and site architecture should be intuitive. You can have the best products/services, but if your site is confusing, people will get frustrated and leave.  There are numerous culprits that can make you lose customers this way– broken links, slow load times, poor readability…the list goes on. We design sites with your end-user in mind because we know the longer they stay on your site and the more pleasant their user experience, the higher your conversion rate.

Imagine this scenario – You created an awesome website with captivating design and interactive features, but are still not getting the desired output from it. Visitors come but do not convert – most simply leave within a few minutes of spending time on your web page. High bounce rates become a common phenomenon, and you cannot understand what exactly you did wrong! Don’t worry – the issue at hand is poor website usability, and EnvivoDigital will help you correct the problem.

By critically examining various factors like running programs, site architecture, navigation, sitemap and more, we try to figure out the root cause of the problem of non-performance. If your website is confusing with no proper direction on where to go, what to click, how to buy then it may frustrate your customer and he/she may leave your webpage. Thus, making the website user-friendly is quite important. For this, you certainly need an expert to offer comprehensive solutions at par. If you are looking to revamp your website usability in Montreal & Ottawa, then you are at right place.

Let’s see what all is being checked by our skilled professionals to ensure perfect usability of your website–

  • Accurate testing on the culprits like – 404 page, server error, crawl error, broken links, slow page load time and more.
  • Examining site architecture with respect to images, designs, banners, a number of internal pages and the like. These elements are crucial for better readability and good page load time of a website.
  • Tracking the GA and Google webmaster tools to analyze the traffic and conversion footfall on your website.
  • The SEO experts with us check the header and footer navigation, which is quite important to show the proper direction to a user on your website.

All the above factors are just a sneak peak of a vast ocean tweaks and improvements that we will suggest for your website to improve its usability. EnvivoDigital will make sure that your website is well organized and managed, thereby offering a pleasant user-experience. Let’s discuss more over a conversation at our offices in Montreal & Ottawa.