Email Marketing


E-mail marketing – A powerful tool to connect with customers on a personal level!

A few years ago, the traditional method of marketing involved sending fliers and pamphlets directly to the doorstep of a potential client, which ultimately found their way into the trash bin. Then the world changed drastically and the Internet/digitization age came along to transform the way we do business. It offered more powerful, targeted, cost-effective and highly creative ways to reach out to and have a one-to-one interaction with your customers. We are now in the age of E-mail marketing, and you cannot afford to miss out on the amazing advantages offered by this medium. If you have a business in Montreal, Ottawa or New York and are in need of targeted solutions to help market your brand through the e-mail channel, you have finally reached the right place.

Welcome to Envivo Digital!

We are dedicated professionals who are passionate about digital marketing and online advertising. Our goal is to create a potent email marketing strategy for your brand. We have been in the field for the past 15 years, delivering high end, demographically relevant digital advertising solutions for businesses looking to increase their market visibility. We, at, push hard to develop meticulous Email marketing plans for you to gain customer-centric results. Indisputably Email marketing has changed the business all over and has served as a great method to boost brands.

Here is a list of things that our team will accomplish for you:

  • We will integrate your entire database in one system which is safe and secure
  • Bulk emailing is targeted to reach out to the maximum users, be it current/past or prospective
  • The team designs highly creative email content in tune with your business standards
  • Professionals set up an efficient email marketing campaign to ensure your message reaches the right person.
  • We create consistent follow-up reports which help you to track each and every aspect of the campaign, like mails opened, responses, bounce rate and more.

You are never too late for good things in life! Choose the best Email marketing services in Montreal, Ottawa and New York for your business – Envivo Digital.