Analytics Analysis


Delve into the world of web-analytics with Envivo Digital in Canada

Web-Analytics has always been an important part of every digital marketing and SEO agency’s Key Result Areas (KRA). Web Analytics basically offers full analysis of a sequence of quantitative parameters, which gives a transparent idea about the reputation and existence of a website on search engines.  Analytics also give an overview of the behavior of users that visit the website in question, including the time spent on each page, conversion, bounce rate and their preferred pages. These investigations provide support in evaluating the overall performance of your website enabling you to implement some corrective measures where improvement is required.

For online businesses in Montreal or Ottawa, Envivo Digital offers detailed analytics and assessment to ensure you know exactly where your website stands in the online market. We are an established digital marketing agency in Canada, serving varied businesses and industries for almost 15 years. We extend our professional services for SEO, digital marketing and Web-analytics analysis in Montreal and Ottawa. Our team delivers top-quality services from the very outset of your campaign so that there’s no room left for errors. Our professionals give full analytics analysis for your website, which assists you in learning more about customer relationship management, strategizing and optimizing marketing plans, increasing sales, and evaluating website activities.

This wonderful tool of analytics analysis offers comprehensive information, which in turn permits the marketing experts to –

  • Augment online marketing activities
  • Put a stop to whatever online marketing efforts are no longer working
  • Target new customers demographically
  • Retain existing customers for sustaining business in the long run, and
  • Develop your website to make it more engaging and SEO friendly

Additionally, our technical team will guide you to analyze things like – number of visitors per month & how many were unique, acquisition report for the traffic generated, from where the visitors are coming (acquisition and demographics), what keywords and pages are popular, and which areas of the website need to be worked on. This data will prove to be imperative for making strategic decisions about your business’ online identity.

At Envivo Digital, we make sure you get the best information at affordable rates. Call us now if you are looking for analytics solutions in Montreal & Ottawa.