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With so many new ways to connect, our world gets smaller every day. The good news is the smaller the world gets, the larger the number of your potential clients and investors. Using cutting edge technology, combined with industry knowledge and roll-up-our-sleeves dedication, we get your company front and center so that nothing blocks you from reaching your target.

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Investor Marketing Campaigns

Whether you’re a penny stock, micro-cap, small cap stock or startup, our experienced team will help you attract investors by increasing exposure, and building awareness to drive market value.  MORE

Marketing for Professionals

No matter what your profession, it’s important to increase your exposure to get more clients/patients. You have to get your name out, but you also need to build trust. We help you accomplish both.  MORE

Multilingual Marketing

All of our services are available in English, French, and Spanish, so we can develop a strategy to expand your reach beyond geographical borders. We get your company where it needs to be… everywhere. MORE


Envivo Digital

Envivo Digital is the one-stop solutions provider for making your business a success! We are an impressive bunch of creative and highly experienced online marketing professionals serving clients all across Canada and the world. We understand the value of social media marketing and we value your time and money to the fullest. Apart from our outstanding market reputation, we have a huge base of satisfied customers and clients in Montreal & Ottawa, all of whom can vouch for our excellence in services. So, if you are enthusiastically looking for an online marketing agency in Montreal or Ottawa to promote your business’s online identity, Team Envivo Digital will be your number one choice!

At Envivo Digital, we design and fabricate strategies to elevate your brand to the next level. Our team will support you with comprehensive solutions, including content marketing, online marketing, investor marketing, social media, PPC, SEO services and more. We are one of the leading online marketing agencies in Montreal & Canada, and we promise realistic results to clients for their brand at affordable rates. The standout USP of Envivo Digital is our multilingual solutions and services (in English, French and Spanish) that help to reach out to the targeted customers across geographical borders. The professionalism and precision of our services will not disappoint you. Let’s have a chat to connect and plan a stunning presence for your business online!


Ready to grow your business? Our customized solutions make the web work for YOU.
Advertise & Track

Great message! Did the right people see it? If you’re not sure, you’re wasting time and money. Organic Ranking, Paid Search PPC, Social Media.

Digital Marketing

Increased customer engagement leads to higher ranking and sales growth. True story. Email Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing.

Marketing Creative

If you’re going to put yourself out there, make sure you look good enough to stand out. We help you make a lasting impression with memorable creative. Videos; Design & Printing; Articles, Blogs & Copywriting.

In the Rear with the Gear

You know all that extra stuff you don’t want to deal with? Give it to us, we’ll carry it. Billing Systems, International Financial Processing, Server Admin & Security.

Special Marketing

We’re Montreal-based, but internationally savvy. Give us a chance to open up new markets for you. Investor Marketing Campaigns, Multilingual Marketing, Marketing for Professionals.

Let’s Talk

We love our work and really want to hear from you. Worst-case scenario, you come away with some great information. Contact us any time.

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Envivo has years of experience in creating ads, content and delivering messages. We also closely monitor the performance of your campaigns and help update as per the changing media. Whether local, national or global, our proven and experienced team of experts will get your message out and get your ROI.


Envivo creates effective, targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing using traditional and digital technologies to reach and convert leads into new customers/investors. Our key objective is to promote your brand, build preference and increase sales through cutting-edge digital marketing techniques.


Our team will design beautiful, effective, professional ads and content to make your company look great online and offline. You’ll gain more traffic, have better rankings, and higher conversions.


Let envivo be your online business’ IT department. Whether it is servers, protecting your client’s data, mass emails, financial processing, billing systems, mobile apps or any kind of advanced programming, envivo makes it easy.

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